Painting Concrete Floors

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If you are deciding to paint your concrete floors, there are few things you first need to think about. Concrete floor paint can either be water based (latex) or oil based (Alkyd). There is also epoxy floor paint, which in recent years, has grown to be a popular and highly effective choice. It is important to choose a good concrete floor paint that will be durable and will withstand chemical erosion, oil & gasoline spills, along with other hazardous materials that may spill on your floor.

Two part epoxy paints are the most durable and have a polymerizing chemical reaction when the two parts are combined. This creates a durable protected surface for your concrete floors in just over 24 hours. We recommend epoxy concrete floor paints as the best choice if you desire long lasting floors that are resistant to damage. Epoxy concrete floor paints are suitable for basements, garages, and porches.

What Materials will I need to paint my concrete floor?

Listed below are all the materials you will need to paint your concrete floor.

How to apply my concrete floor paint?

Step 1: You need to Wash the Floor.

It is very important that your concrete floor must be completely washed and all dirt removed from the floor. Be sure that the floor is completely dried before you move to the next step. It is very important that any signs of water seepage be eliminated before starting. Water is one of the leading causes to destroy concrete floors and fade away paint. It is recommended that you allow your floor to dry for several days after washing it with a degreasing solution. Also make sure to sand off any old paint or sticky residues stuck to your floor.

Step 2: Repair and cracks or holes in concrete floor

You may need to patch up cracks or holes. It is important to do this before you apply any paint. It will ensure a long life for your new concrete floor paint and help eliminate any chance for water seepage. Use our recommended concrete patch fillers to fill in any cracks and holes that may have formed on your concrete floor.

Step 3: Apply the primer to the Concrete Floor

Using our recommended primer, evenly paint the primer on the floor using a paint roller. Be sure to apply two coats of primer and be sure to remember to let each coat completely dry.

Step 4: Apply the Epoxy Paint over the Primed Concrete Floor

After the concrete floor has been primed and dried, using a paint roller to apply two coats of our recommended epoxy paint. Once again, remember to let each coat dry before applying another coat.  If desired, poor speckled chips over the wet paint for decoration.

Step 5: Apply the masonry sealer over the Epoxy Paint

Apply the sealer with a clean paint roller over the painted floor. Two coats of sealer will do, but it is recommended that you apply a third coat which will greatly increase your floor’s life span. Allow to dry. That’s it! It’s that easy. You will now have a new, beautiful and durable concrete floor.

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